Team visit to rewilding site

Apr 27, 2023

Along with Dorset Council’s wider environment team, we were treated to a visit and guided walk around Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Wild Woodbury site, Bere Regis, on 26 April.

Wilder Dorset project manager, Rob Farrington, explained all about the rewilding project and the plans for the site. He told us about the changes that have already been made and the wildlife which has already moved in. Brian Bleese, DWT chief exec, popped in and explained about the plans and possibilities for the building complex and how it might work within the community. Jade North, heathland mitigation officer at Dorset Council, showed us the strategic SANG and told us about the exciting plans for this site, which will become a really user-friendly natural greenspace.

Thank you all very much for showing us around!

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