BBQ Campaign

BBQs Burn More Than Bangers!

‘BBQs Burn More Than Bangers’ is a campaign to remind people that BBQs are illegal on heathlands.

​The Dorset Heaths Partnership (DHP), Litter Free Dorset (LFD) and Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service (DWFRS) have been working together to campaign to prevent wildfire.

​Heathlands, unfortunately, are often misused, and incidents of wildfire – whether deliberate or accidental – are becoming more common. On average, Dorset is subject to 107 heathland and forest wildfires a year, a high proportion of these can be attributed to a heathland barbecue gone wrong.

​This campaign aims to raise awareness that it is illegal to barbecue on heathland and instead promotes the use of alternative, safe, designated barbecuing destinations or alternatively bringing a picnic.

Litter Free Dorset

​Litter Free Dorset (LFD) is made up of a group of local organisations, charities and community groups which all work together to reduce the social, economic and environmental impacts of litter. This is done by trying to stop littering behaviour in the first place through co-producing policy, projects and campaigns.