Promoting environmental careers

Nov 10, 2023

This week some of the UHP team went along to the Thomas Hardye School Careers Fair alongside many other organisations, companies, and further education providers.

Year 11 students and the Sixth Form were given the opportunity to browse the stands and find out about some of the career options on offer in Dorset.

It can sometimes be an overwhelming time of life with important decisions to make about the future, so we wanted to inform the students about our roles but also have a bit of fun! We brought along different specimens for them to inspect: lizards, snake skins, beetles which they had a go at identifying. Our ‘Spot the Nightjar’ game was a big hit; the students got quite competitive as they tried to be the first to find the camouflaged nightjar in each picture.

It was great to meet so many enthusiastic young people, many of whom have an interest in the natural world and are exploring different career paths in the environment sector.

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