A week of fun for ‘Canines and the Countryside’

Apr 11, 2022

The Dorset Dogs team is proud to have been part of ‘Celebrating Canines and the Countryside’ – a week of events and activities dedicated to dogs and the outdoors, hosted by SCCAMP.

From 26 March to 1 April the team were involved in a programme of events designed to engage and champion positive management for people with dogs in the countryside and coast, and to promote responsible dog ownership. This was a first for the SCCAMP group and we believe in the UK!

Across the partners the week included pitstop information stands, guided walks, videos, activities, online and live Q&As, online and virtual quizzes and sharing and cross posting of content on social media.

Highlights run by the Dorset Dogs team were an online quiz show with panellists from SCCAMP and special guest Stephen Jenkinson, a dog-cam video with one of the team’s dogs to illustrate a wildlife friendly walk in action and Dorset Dogs bingo!

SCCAMP is an exciting partnership which has formed over the last year. Dorset Dogs, Devon Loves Dogs, Heathland Hounds, Forestry England, New Forest National Park, South Downs National Park and Bird Aware Solent have joined forces to work more closely on a number of dog-related projects. This new working group is aptly named SCCAMP – the Southern Counties Canine Access Management Partnership.

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