Victoria Pendleton CBE supports launch of campaign

May 11, 2022

Working with our partners, today sees the return of our #Operation Heathland Campaign and we’re asking for your help.

This year we have celebrity support and are asking everyone to create and share their own photos and video clips across social media to say why our heaths and forests are special to them, and Victoria Pendleton CBE has kicked things off for us!

These precious places are used by many people and for different reasons, and the pressures on them are ever increasing. With this campaign we are calling on everyone to help protect these fragile habitats. We are asking those who regularly visit these sites to learn a little more about them and everything that lives and grows there, and to share this knowledge with as many people as possible by using the hashtags and sharing posts.

Hopefully, this wide sharing of knowledge and information will encourage all visitors to our heathlands and forests to understand them more, and to respect, protect and enjoy them, encouraging everyone to understand how valuable they are.

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