UHP at the Family Science Fair

Mar 17, 2022

The Urban Heaths had a blast at the Family Science Fair in Dorchester last Sunday (13 March). The event was hosted by the newly refurbished Dorset Museum and organised by Dorchester Town Council, Bournemouth University, Thomas Hardye School and the Dorset Museum, with sponsorship from the Royal Society of Biology, the Institute of Physics and the European Union.

The fair was a celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths, and showcased how these have real life applications. UHP were premiering their new interactive touch-screen game; ‘Find the nightjar’ where participants had to race against the clock to spot the well camouflaged ground-nesting bird in a series of photographs. The game highlights just how difficult these birds are to spot, demonstrating why it is so important to keep to the paths on heathland during the bird nesting season which runs from March to August.

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