Poem inspired by our Dorset heathlands

Jul 10, 2023

A Yr 6 student from Winton Primary was so inspired by his visit to the heath that he wrote this beautiful poem:

I am the…

I am the trees, swaying softly

as I stand in my place on the


I am the tall hillside, green

with luscious grass, shrubs

and bushes.

I am the heathland, full

to the brim with heather, with

bushes, hugging the hillside

like a warm, fluffy blanket.

I am the mist and

fog, covering any humans’

vision and making the 

air smell moist and cold.

I am the wind,

destroying the calmness

of the heath as I

speed through the open


I am the shadows,

surrounding from every

side as the final

rays of sunlight drain

from the day at last.

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