Meet a moth @Durlston – Planet Purbeck Festival

Step into the world of the night and discover its enchanting inhabitants!

Calling all curious minds and budding nature explorers – prepare to be captivated by the secrets of the night as the dedicated rangers at Durlston Country Park unveil the treasures collected from last night’s moth trap.

These incredible creatures, often unseen by the daylight world, emerge under the cover of darkness, revealing their mesmerizing shapes, colours, and patterns. From the subtly intricate to the boldly vibrant, each moth boasts a unique story and holds the power to astonish and inspire.

The passionate rangers will talk you through the fascinating life cycles and habits of moths as well as their roles in our ecosystem. With up-close, hands-on experiences and expert insights, this event promises an unforgettable journey into the mysterious realm of night creatures.

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16 Sep 2023


11:00 am - 11:30 am


Durlston Country Park and Nature Reserve


Durlston Country Park and Nature Reserve
Durlston Country Park and Nature Reserve

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Planet Purbeck

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