Dorset Heaths Education Visits and Activities

The Urban Heaths Partnership (UHP) offers free educational activities and information to schools through talks or visits to local heathland sites. Education is a core strand of our work and an agreed education programme has been established working with schools near to heathland sites.


The agreed education programme focuses on two priority messages:

  • The importance of heathlands due to their wildlife and biodiversity

  • The consequences of heathland fires to wildlife and community


These messages are delivered through inspiring experiential, discovery learning connecting learners to the natural world and encouraging them to observe, explore and ask questions about living things and the environment around them.


We provide:

  • Experiential, discovery based learning

  • Curriculum linked activities with an opportunity for follow up work

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff

  • Health and Safety information relevant to the activities and site

Learning Resources


Whilst the schools are shut due to the coronavirus, we’ve created some activities that you can do at home, to help you discover more about the heaths and its inhabitants.

Access the Learning Resources here

What We Do

Heath visits encourage an understanding of the history and ecology of the local area and an appreciation of the importance of heathlands.

We can also offer elements of the sessions at your school or in school grounds.

Activities are led by the UHP Education Team and are linked to the National Curriculum through a wide range of subjects.  The Dorset Dogs session is delivered by the UHP Education Officer and Dorset Dogs Officer.


boy with key ident chart Stanley Green M

Learning for   Primary Schools

A programme of Science, Geography and Cross Curricular sessions for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Children with quadrat Alderney Middle Sc

Learning for Secondary Schools

A programme of Science, Geography and PSHE sessions for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4

Alevel group ferndown.jpg

Fieldwork for


Biology and Environmental Science fieldwork sessions for A-Level


A range of sessions for Community Groups including Early Years sessions, Badge activities for Uniform Groups, Heath related Talks and Crafts for Libraries and Talks for Adults

Reception Teacher

Thank you for enabling us to have a wonderful experience exploring Kinson common with you yesterday. My children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were able to retell their experiences in detail once we had returned to school. I felt that you aimed the experience at the level of the children really well and you judged their levels of concentration very well too. The activities were informative and exciting which made the visit a pleasure. They were suitably worn out when we got back to school but are still talking about it this morning. 

We shall definitely be booking again next year.

Secondary Teacher

A huge thank you for today from all of my students.

I have been round their Form Times during lunch today and they were buzzing – loving the theatrics, laughing over each others’ performances and… discussing the heaths which is clearly the main aim!

Beaver Scouts Leader

I would just like to say a very big Thank You for the fascinating and engaging talk and activities you gave to our Beavers last night. They really enjoyed the evening and the activities were the perfect mix of fun and facts! I think it is fair to say that myself and the other adults learnt a lot too about the very unique habitat we have right on our doorstep. Many thanks for all the preparation and hard work you put into the evening.