Firewise Communities

Firewise Communities is an international programme based on research by the world’s leading fire experts on ignition of homes from wildfire. The programme encourages communites to work together to reduce the risk to homes from wildfire by taking practical steps in the area around the home and garden.

Some of the benefits of being a Firewise Community are:

  • Makes your own home and neighbours more resilient to wildfire

  • Helps to build community resilience and good citizenship

  • Communities are proactive in reducing their risk from wildfires

  • Communities learn more about wildfire

  • Gives the community a plan to work to

  • Creates opportunities to connect with Firewise Communities in other areas and countries

If you think your community would benefit from being part of this international programme, or to find out more information, please contact the Urban Heaths Partnership on: 01202 642787.


The Partnership's aim is to alleviate urban pressures on the Dorset heaths brought about by new residential development in the area.

This is achieved with a combination of wardening, an inclusive education programme, access management and fire risk assessment and heath management.

There are several strands of monitoring to establish baseline data and to gauge success of work and projects. 


T: 01202 642787